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SpamEraser 1.0

SpamEraser 1.0

SpamEraser Publisher's Description

SpamEraser is a highly accurate anti-spam software, a reliable spam blocker to effectively stop spam from going into your inbox while ensuring legitimate (good) email is delivered. This self-learning Bayesian spam filter automatically classify incoming emails as spam or non-spam without the need of maintaining dozens of rules or constantly waiting updates to be downloaded. Combined with the Allowed and Blocked lists filter, SpamEraser enables you to get e-mails from your contacts and blocks any unwanted (spam) emails with the best accuracy and the very low false positive rate. SpamEraser integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook Express by automatically creating easy-to-use Spam Eraser toolbar buttons and a spam and an unsure folder to collect emails classified as Spam and emails not classified as good or as spam. SpamEraser Features

SpamEraser is easy to setup and use, with very low risk of missing legitimate email. It`s key features include:

  • Smart Bayesian Filtering

    Using the Bayesian filtering technology, SpamEraser is one of the most effective and efficient anti-spam solution. SpamEraser gets smarter over time when you trained it to recognize spam and not-spam emails. SpamEraser learns from mistakes and usually won't make the same mistake twice. SpamEraser continues to learn and adapt to your needs as it processes more emails. The more you use SpamEraser, the better is the accuracy of its spam detection.
  • Allow/Block List

    SpamEraser provides Allow/Block list to improve the accuracy of identifying spam and good email. The list can be built from you contacts and/or existing emails.
  • Unmatched Accuracy

    SpamEraser is the ultimate anti-spam system. Using the adaptive intelligence technology to learn the differences between your good mail and spam email, SpamEraser offers one of the best accuracy rate available in spam filtering technology today, with the very low false positive rate.
  • Easy to Use

    SpamEraser is very easy to use and does not require working with complex spam filter rules or settings. With integrated toolbar buttons for Outlook Express, users can train SpamEraser with a single mouse click.
  • Easy to Setup

    Once installed, SpamEraser will do a complete mails scan and learning from your existing mails to train itself to identify good emails. If you have spam folders, you just need a simple step to tell SpamEraser that they are spam emails.

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